Our Approach

We believe that you should spend less time on your accounts and paperwork and invoicing, and more time on your business. We simplify everything for our clients making it easy for you to share your information with us each month and you receive back useful realtime accounts so you can look to the future and improve your business finances and ensure your own success.

Paperless accounting

Going paperless saves time and reduces the risk of errors in your accounts. With easy to use solutions like Receipt Bank, Cam scanner and Google Drive you can simply photograph or scan your bills and invoices with your smartphone or printer. All the information we need is automatically shared which means you can focus on your business rather than paperwork.

Cash flow forecasting

Good cash flow forecasting allows you to manage your business proactively and make better decisions about the future. Spotlight Reporting, which integrates directly with Xero, is a business intelligence reporting tool that gives comprehensive, consolidated insights into your financials. It provides excellent data visualisation and can score your results against business metrics and KPIs.

Billing and cash management

Putting your accounts online is one thing, but technology allows us to take the headache out of accountancy tasks. You could track billable time with Harvest. Invoicing can be handled on the go using your smartphone, and with Invoice Sherpa or Stripe you can automate credit control to get them paid on time.

Integrated Business System

One benefit of moving your accounts to the cloud is the wealth of capabilities and tools that it gives you access to. You can integrate business systems with your accounts for seamless performance. We regularly use solutions such as Vend (POS), Epos Now (POS).